Saturday, December 11, 2004


The two great rivers in Iraq are the Tigris and the Euphrates they both come from the mountains of Turkey in the North the Tigris flows through Turkey and Iraq . Many tributaries flow into the Tigris inside Iraq ...... Some of these tributaries are big , such as the upper Zap and the lower Zap the Euphrates is longer than the Tigris , it runs through Turkey , syria and iraq the Euphrates has no large tributaries inside iraq . To the West of Euphrates there are two big lakes Habbaniya and Razzaza,,, and the euphrates enters Al-Hammar marsh south of Nasiriya ................ The two great rivers meet south of Qurna and form one great river ... This is called the shatt-el-Arab.. which flows into the Arab Gulf south of Fao Posted by Hello


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